Saturday, April 28, 2012

Author's Night at Millbury B & N

As much as I'd like to say that the author's night at the Millbury (MA) Barnes & Noble was life- and bank account-changing, it was predictably not. No lines out the door. No huge royalty check or offer of representation. Nonetheless, it was a fun night and I got some good press out of it. And I met the Latin teacher from AMSA (Marlboro, MA) whose husband was there and told her about the books.

There were seven of us there, all of us different authors: one mystery writer (she was the most successful of the night), one fantasy writer, one photographer (who chronicled the Springfield-area tornado of last year), one poet, one children's book author, one memoirist, and I. We each spoke for a couple of minutes about our books, and then people were free to browse, visit, talk, etc. I've included a few pictures below from the evening (thanks, TH). 

I've linked here to newspaper articles that the night spawned, both from Wayland (MA) where I teach. The first is from the town paper, and the second is from the school paper.

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