Saturday, May 12, 2012

Presented on the Books at the Ascanius Conference

Had the chance today to present on the books at the Ascanius Conference in Derry, NH. Ascanius is a Classics organization that focuses on elementary and middle school Latin teaching. It went well. Relatively small crowd (Matt Webb, the organizer, whom I know, said that yesterday's crowd was about double; I'm sure the fact that it was the first beautiful day in about a week didn't help), but gave me some great feedback and thoughts on where to go from here. Maybe I'll be writing a Caesar biography this summer.... And Stephanie had a great idea about using the books as an assessment for her special ed students, i.e., after studying the Odyssey, their test is to make it through the book by making the decisions that Odysseus made in the original. Loved that idea!

I've posted the PowerPoint from the presentation here.

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